Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best in Crowdfunding: August 2013 - Part 2

I've come across some really awesome projects and campaigns since my last crowdfunding post, and I thought these were worth sharing. These are all really incredible and I've had to find some wiggle room in this month's budget because I think each of them is absolutely worthy of my hard-earned funds!

This Buffalo-centric art project will be something really special once it's built. The heart-shaped piece will be constructed from bicycle wheels, complete with interconnected gears and chains. Viewers will be able to sit on either side of the sculpture and actually pedal it together. I love the concept of interactive art, and I especially love that this will be located in front of Buffalo's grain elevators. What a view! This is a really fun project and just another example of what makes Buffalo so great. I can't wait to see it all come together!
Campaign Goal: $5,000
Deadline: September 2
Platform: IndieGoGo

How this device doesn't already exist is a mystery to me. It seems so obvious. The CO2ube is a little filter that fits onto any car's exhaust pipe and filters out the carbon dioxide. Seriously, how is this not already a thing? 
Campaign Goal: $18,000
Deadline: August 21
Platform: Kickstarter

The CO2ube can be installed on most automobiles.
Kite Patch
This is a patch that prevents insect bites for 48 hours. The technology in the patch actually blocks a mosquito's ability to detect carbon dioxide emitted by humans. It will be especially helpful in parts of the world where mosquitoes carry the deadly malaria disease. The funds raised will be used to test the patch by distributing them to malaria-affected regions of Uganda. Creators of the Kite Patch plan to eventually develop a global distribution program.
Campaign Goal: $75,000
Deadline: August 29
Platform: IndieGoGo

The Kite Patch will stop mosquitoes from spreading malaria.

Send a Child to School in Jamaica
One thing I noticed on a recent trip to Jamaica was the number of young children walking the beach, asking tourists to buy trinkets from them. I wondered why they weren't in school. Turns out they were trying to raise money to pay tuition fees. Apparently there is no public school system in Jamaica; Education is not free. Students must pay to attend school. I believe that education is the key to bettering a country, and even the world. This campaign is intended to raise money for the Caribbean Education Foundation, a certified not-for-profit organization based in Boston that funds education for students in Jamaica.
Campaign Goal: $20,000
Deadline: September 16
Platform: IndieGoGo

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