Monday, July 22, 2013

Best in Crowdfunding: July and August 2013

Here are some of my favorite crowdfunding campaigns that are online this summer.

De-corporatizing Food. Creating an Urban Organic Super-Farm
This is a great project happening right here in Buffalo. East Buffalo Organics is converting an old warehouse on the city's east side into a facility for growing microgreens. This campaign is intended to fund the purchase of the equipment needed to grow and maintain healthy microgreens, which will then be distributed and sold locally. These guys have done their research and clearly know what they're doing. The project will be something great not just for Buffalo, but for the entire food industry.
Campaign Goal: $9811
Deadline: August 11
Platform: Kickstarter

Nicora Johns Shoes
Right now, only 1% of shoes are manufactured in the U.S. That means a lot of factory labor is going into your shoes. (Yes, even your precious TOMS.) Nicora Johns is hoping to change that, and she wants to start with her new line of vegan, sustainable shoes. The styles are adorable and versatile, and you get to pick out your own colors and materials! You'll definitely want to check them out!
Campaign Goal: $72,900
Deadline: August 18
Platform: Kickstarter

Nicora Johns Shoes

The Plastic Bank
This campaign is intended to fund the programming and development of a business venture that is essentially a plastic recycling facility launching a pilot in Lima, Peru. The facility will encourage the impoverished locals of that region to "harvest" waste plastic from the environment, and bring it to the facility to be processed. Individuals who participate by harvesting the plastic will earn credits to be used for education, micro loans, and more.
Campaign Goal: $100,000
Deadline: August 26
Platform: IndieGoGo

PROFAMIL - Using Innovation to Save Women's Lives in Haiti
Catapult is a crowdfunding platform that focuses specifically on gender equality in developing countries. All of the campaigns on Catapult benefit women in some way. This campaign will benefit an organization called PROFAMIL (International Planned Parenthood Federation) which is working to screen impoverished women in Haiti for cervical cancer using an innovative, low-tech screening method.
Campaign Goal: $50,000
Deadline: August 31
Platform: Catapult

Reward the Heroes Scholarship Fund
If you haven't heard of Temar Boggs, you aren't alone. In the wake of the Trayvon Martin case, his story went widely unnoticed. The 15-year-old from Lancaster, PA rescued a five-year-old girl from her kidnapper and is being lauded as a hero by those who bother to notice. This campaign is intended to raise a scholarship fund for Temar Boggs and his friend. This article confirms that the campaign is legitimate, but also provides information about how you can contribute to the boys' college fund directly.
Campaign Goal: $10,000
Deadline: September 10
Platform: IndieGoGo

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